Getting My Diagnosis

In 2013, I had been having some visual changes with my second pregnancy. No big deal, right? Pregnancy gets a bad rep for causing all kinds of freaky changes to a woman’s body. I mean, you could seriously start growing a purple mustache and your doctor would probably blow you off and say it’s just because you’re pregnant. Continue reading

Confessions of a Grieving Momma – Part 3 : Broken In The Darkness

While my faith seems to settle me more for the long term,

I’m looking for something to hold on to today,

because when the sun sets, and the noises of the day are gone, that is when

Continue reading

The Kind of Mother He Needed


You gave rise to a love I didnt know existed. Real love. True love. A pure love. A love that has no expectations. A love that sustains, even if it is not reciprocal. A love that is neither biased because of what you have to offer, nor prejudice for what you are incapable of sharing. A love that is absolute. A love that has no regard for cajolery. A love that is unwavering. Continue reading