For the Soul

Scripture for those suffering with mental illness. Grief, depression, anxiety are all stealers of joy.

Grow Your Spiritual Connection With God

Grief, depression, anxiety are all stealers of joy and work of the devil. He uses these thoughts and emotions against us, to break us down. Growing your connection with God and learning his word can help you decipher the devil’s scheming ways.

“MY” spiritual well-being is measured by the strength of my relationship with Christ. My religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals all from WHAT I think. Therefore, it is understandable that having a strong belief in Christ’s word, which gives me reason and purpose would form the foundation of my mindset, thus affecting my overall health.

Under this tab you’ll find resources and tips to help you schedule time to build your relationship with Christ each day.

If you are struggling to find your purpose, I encourage you to take a look at a list I’ve put together of some of the tools that have really helped me in my journey with mental illness. I’ve listed some of my favorite resources for spiritual health over at The Well.

Resources, tools, and tips to Evaluate, Evolve, and Elevate your life at The Well with One Well Momma

You can also visit One Well Momma on Pinterest for more info on growing your spiritual health. 

PP OWM Scriptures
Inspirational Scriptures
PP OWM Quotes
Inspirational Quotes
Prayer Journaling is a great way to focus your desires and worries. God tells to to seek him in prayer all throughout the bible. Sometimes, though, we find it difficult to find the right words to say when we want to speak to God. Here, you will find a collection of prayers that can guide you. Don't worry about there being a wrong way to pray. God already knows your heart, just speak with him as he were your friend.
Prayers & Journaling
Grow your understanding of God's word and his will for your life with a few of my favorite bible studies at The Well with One Well Momma
Bible Studies









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One Well Momma is a blog about a young mother and her experience with mental illness. Grief, depression, and anxiety are all pieces of her story. Learning to manage mental illness can be difficult. Here you can resources on mental and inspiration to anyone affected by mental illness.

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