Not So Special Halloween

Spooky Pumpkins
Happy Halloween

Growing up, Halloween was a decently big deal. Mainly just for the night though. I remember Halloween cookies or carving pumpkins. That’s not to say we didn’t do it, I just didn’t manage to archive those memories very well I guess. I remember the uproar caused by deciding what to be for Halloween and if my costume would be homemade or not.  I remember ones I hated and those I loved. I remember how difficult it was getting in and out of the car a thousand times and how it never failed to be hot or rainy on Halloween. Where I come from, there isn’t a lot of walking to and from houses, you do a lot of car hopping. Basically, it’s a crap ton of work. There really aren’t any activities in our area that truly make the night enjoyable for parents, in my opinion anyway. We have a decent time, we are glad our kiddos got to participate and enjoyed themselves, but when the nights over, I’m usually glad.

My oldest son, is six and has just gotten excited about trick or treating over the last couple of years. I think he’ll have a few more years of excitement with the event before it starts to wain so I am kinda eager to see if he gets more into it as he gets older, or maybe I’m just happy at the thought that as he gets older he will need less supervision on Halloween and the process will become easier for me. Don’t churches have lock-ins anymore? Where I can just drop this kid off for the night and pick him up in the morning? Yeah, I’d be too paranoid for that…but it sounds nice though.

Baby poses for Halloween picture. Hay bales, pumpkins, scarecrows and mums are all used to decorate for fall
I love how excited he was to take this picture.

Kash was just a couple months old when his first Halloween rolled around. Honestly, it’s probably the only Halloween picture I have of him. Sigh*

So now that you have a good understanding of my enthusiasm for Halloween, maybe you can see why I have no issues with not including my CHARGEr in the Halloween festivities.

I get quite annoyed with the questionable looks and the “huhs” as I explain I didn’t buy Kolt a Halloween costume. The responses are confused and judgy when I reply that I left him with a sitter.

People. Ignorant people. Clueless people. Keep your judgy-ness to yourself. You can do it better? Come on over. You wouldn’t last 24 hours. I would never want for you to have to learn what I have learned.

“No wait. I want the light. Don’t leave. OOOOOOOh more lights, yaaaa—-OUCH! In my eyes. Bright. Light. In my eyes. “

“Read More about Kolt’s perspective on Halloween”

I’m very adamant about Kolt being included and involved but this is just one event, I have to pass on. Kolt doesn’t walk, Kolt doesn’t talk. Kolt doesn’t eat. Kolt doesn’t give a rats ass about putting on some weird crappy costume and walking in the dark up to some strangers house and being handed candy. Kolt doesn’t even have any conceptual idea of what I just said.

Maybe I can begin to focus on the event specifically with and for Kash. Maybe I’ll try to work on that. If Kolt can’t be involved, then why not make it extra special for Kash. Who knows, I may even start to enjoy Halloween after all!

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