A Special Perspective on Halloween

What are these weird itchy clothes? I thought we were riding….Why am I being carried up to all these doors. Why am being asked to hold this bucket. I don’t know that person. Why are they touching me. Nope. Don’t touch me. Why am I being put inback in the car? I want to go through that door. We aren’t going through that door? Oh, riding…..that’s cool. I like riding. Wait, why are we stopping. I don’t want to stop. I want to ride. Where are we going? Oh another door. OK. Can I open it? OOOOOHHH light!!! I love lights. No I don’t wanna talk to that person, I wanna look upside down at this LIIIGGGHHHHTTT!! I love lights. No wait. I want the light. Don’t leave. OOhhhh more lights, yaaaa—-OUCH! In my eyes. Bright. Light. In my eyes. Back in the car? NOOOOOOO!!! Oh we are still walking huh? Ok then. That was close! Yea Mah, I see you in the car but we are going this way–what’s this way hu— LIGHTS!! Yippee !! Why is it so loud. ooohh don’t fall…maybe I should hang on. It’s so loud. OOOH what a pretty ligh….what’s that thing? What do you want me to do Daddy? What’s that little round thing do..oh…I can push—-oh! There door is opening—–?where’s that light coming from? No, please don’t touch me….I’m trying to see where that light is coming from behi—-nope nope don’t touch. BUT I DON”T WANNA HOLD THAT BUCKET THING! I think she is saying bye…ok fine bye. Hay hay WAIT! is there another one of those button things where I can make the lights go on and off a thousand times? HUH? Whoa waaaiitt!!! OOOHHHH more ligh—-oh hey that’s my brother. Hey brother, oh..ok…now I have to walk…no.no.no I don’t want to hold brother’s hand!! I don’t wanna..he’s gonn—-whaaaaaaa!!! Daddy!! ah yes my daddy! Hold me. I told you he was gonna drop me. Don’t touch me brother. I’m with Daddy now. I’m cold. I’m tired. OOOHHHHH lights!


Kolt was born with CHARGE Syndrome. He doesn’t walk, talk or eat by mouth. He also has a lot of sensory issues. Sometimes Kolt is a seeker and sometimes he is an avoider. But his personality is always the best.

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