One Well Momma is a blog devoted to inspiring you to evaluate your mindset and your perspective, evolve  your self worth so that you can better position yourself to elevate your life through your circumstances.

Here at One Well Momma, I journal about my experience with grief, depression and anxiety and share resources about mental illness and inspiration for anyone who has been affected by mental health issues.

I felt like I had no one I could really talk about my feelings and how my children were being affected, not only during my darkest days of my depression but even today as I recover.

I could mange to speak of my mental health issues to close friends and family, but the idea of telling them that my mental health issues were also affecting my children in negative ways was too much to consider.

And let’s get honest, if you’re a mom and you are struggling with your mental health, your children will be affected at some point and in one way or another. 

I hope to start a conversation about motherhood and mental illness and our struggles to manage both. I want to create a place where you can seek support and speak honestly about your feelings and thoughts and how they affect your relationships with your children.

Casey Adams Writer behind One Well Momma

Hey Hey! I’m Casey Adams and I’m the writer behind One Well Momma. I struggle with grief and anxiety daily. I’m mostly in remission from my depression but if you’ve struggled with depression,  then you know, it’s ALWAYS a battle and requires daily self awareness to keep out those negative thoughts. Being a mom with mental health issues has been one of my greatest struggles but growing my spiritual relationship with God has helped me overcome depression and reestablish my relationship with my children.  

 “Over the last several years I’ve learned a lot about being “well” and how imperative it is to really be well, mind, body and spirit. While each affect the other, the greatest change happened for me when I began with my mindset. Somewhere during my grief and depression I finally reached a place where I wanted to change. I wanted to feel happy again. That desire lead me to look for other perspectives concerning my circumstances, and the changes and growth continued to flow.”

– Casey Adams, Author of One Well Momma

Evaluate Our Mindset


Once we manage to evaluate our mindsets and  find a perspective suitable to finally bring us some acceptance of our circumstances, we can then continue with this knowledge to grow our self worth. But getting to that place where we’ve had “enough” and where we are ready for a change, is different for everyone.  There is no set time frame for this.

Evolving Ourselves

Self Worth

  • Healing the wounds that caused the pain, that sent us into the darkest pits of minds is the first step to growing our self worth.
  • The second step is learning to love and accept ourselves for what we are, and what are not nor will never be.
  • Understanding our strengths and weaknesses and building on them

His word is where I determine my worth and value. Not the voices in my head, not someone that lives down the road, not the number on the scale, or the grade on the test, or the crappy friend that really just wanted to sleep with my husband, not the “pinterest mom” in heels giving me that ” This is what you brought?” look.

This is where where I really relied on my relationship with God to show me. Yes, of course his word helped me through changing my mindset and finding a new perspective, but if you are really asking “How do I learn to love myself?” Take a look at how God loves you.

-Casey Adams

Elevating Our Lives

Once we have managed these skills to some degree, this is when we can really began to focus on elevating our lives and living to our full potential. Whether your focus is on family, or travel, or advocating, or entrepreneurship or education, the suffering will reveal it’s purpose and all that you’ve mastered through the pain will set you free to conquer your dreams.

What ever season you are in, One Well Momma is a place you can come to find others who just “get it,” and  a place to find inspiration and motivation to keep you moving forward on your journey.

Have you struggled with grief, or depression? What about anxiety as a mom?

 I’d love your share your story!

No one understands the trials of motherhood better than we moms, so lets put a stop to the “mom shaming” and stand together and support  one another. Share your story and let other moms know they aren’t alone.

8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Dave May 27, 2020 / 6:31 pm

    I’m a 60 year old grandpa. The sooner we surrender our lives to god, the easier it gets.
    I have battled anxiety since I was 5 years old. Daily cardio exercise helps a lot
    Gods love is unconditional, the evil one try’s to steal our joy .
    I rebuke you Satan ! I belong to god and Jesus they will never fore sake me


  2. Anna April 23, 2020 / 11:12 am

    I am a mom and a grandmother. Scriptures and my faith and people like u have helped me reach my 67 years of age. A struggle every day seem like but can b done. I never stop searching for more help Thanku Thanku


  3. Vivien August 29, 2019 / 7:57 pm

    Thank you so much Casey for your scriptures. They are very helpful for me, reminding me of God’s words everyday.


  4. Olivia May 18, 2019 / 2:50 pm

    Thank you, these saved me time searching & writing down scripture. I’m a single mom of four & I worry for them. I know I shouldn’t & that’s why I’m turning to God’s word. God bless you!


  5. Amber March 30, 2019 / 8:01 am

    Thank you for your verses on anxiety. I subscribed to One Well Momma and I’m looking forward to getting my mental health back on track.


  6. Jane January 28, 2019 / 1:31 am

    Thank you for your website and the bible verses you have posted on fear and anxiety. I lost my brother on January 1st very unexpectedly and have been extremely heartbroken ever since. The verses have helped comfort me this morning.


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